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Deutsch: Betrieb / Español: Operación / Português: Operação / Français: Opération / Italiano: Operazione /

"Operation" refers to the use or operation of aircraft or other aerospace equipment. This can include the use of aircraft for commercial or military purposes, as well as the operation of space vehicles or other aerospace equipment for research or other purposes.

In general, the term "operation" refers to the practical use of aerospace equipment, as opposed to the design, development, or maintenance of such equipment.

There are many different types of operations that can be carried out in the aerospace industry, including:

  1. Commercial airline operations: This refers to the use of aircraft for the transportation of passengers and cargo on a regular basis.

  2. Military operations: This includes the use of aircraft and other aerospace equipment for military purposes, such as surveillance, transportation, and combat.

  3. Space exploration: This includes the use of spacecraft and other equipment for the exploration of outer space, as well as the operation of satellites and other spacecraft for communication, navigation, and other purposes.

  4. Research and development: Aerospace operations can also include the use of aircraft and other equipment for research and development purposes, such as testing new technologies or studying the Earth's atmosphere.

  5. Maintenance and repair: Aerospace operations also include the maintenance and repair of aircraft and other equipment, to ensure that they are safe and operational. This can involve routine inspections and maintenance, as well as repairs and modifications to equipment.

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