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English: Europe / Deutsch: Europa / Español: Europa / Português: Europa / Français: Europe / Italiano: Europa /

Europe is a continent bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, Asia to the east, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Largest urban areas:

  • Moscow
  • Paris
  • London
  • Istanbul
  • Madrid
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Milan
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Rome

Europe consists of about 50 countries, The major countries active in the space industry (ordered by population) are:

Country Population Capital National Space Agency
Russia 144,526,636 Moscow Roscosmos
Turkey 84,680,273 Ankara TUA
Germany 82,800,000 Berlin


France 67,348,000 Paris CNES
United Kingdom 66,040,229 London

UK Space Agency

Italy 60,589,445 Rome ITA - Italian Trade Agency
Spain 46,698,151 Madrid Agencia Espacial Española AEE
Ukraine 42,418,235 Kyiv State Space Agency of Ukraine
Poland 38,422,346 Warsaw POLSA Polish Space Agency
Romania 18,999,642 Bucharest
Kazakhstan 17,987,736 Astana
Netherlands 17,271,990 Amsterdam


Belgium 11,358,357 Brussels
Czech Republic 10,610,947 Prague Czech Space Alliance
Portugal 10,379,537 Lisbon

AED Cluster Portugal

Greece 10,297,760 Athens
Sweden 10,151,588 Stockholm AeroSpace Cluster Sweden
Azerbaijan 9,911,646 Baku
Hungary 9,797,561 Budapest
Belarus 9,504,700 Minsk
Austria 8,823,054 Vienna
Switzerland 8,401,120 Bern
Bulgaria 7,101,859 Sofia
Serbia 7,040,272 Belgrade
Denmark 5,748,796 Copenhagen
Finland 5,509,717 Helsinki
Slovakia 5,435,343 Bratislava
Norway 5,295,619 Oslo
Ireland 4,761,865 Dublin
Croatia 3,871,833 Zagreb
Georgia 3,718,200 Tbilisi
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,531,159 Sarajevo
Moldova 3,434,547 Chișinău
Armenia 2,924,816 Yerevan
Albania 2,876,591 Tirana
Lithuania 2,800,667 Vilnius
North Macedonia 2,103,721 Skopje
Slovenia 2,066,880 Ljubljana
Latvia 1,907,675 Riga
Estonia 1,328,439 Tallinn
Cyprus 1,170,125 Nicosia
Montenegro 642,550 Podgorica
Luxembourg 602,005 Luxembourg

Luxembourg Space Agency


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