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Deutsch: Weltrauminfrastruktur / Español: Infraestructura espacial / Português: Infraestrutura espacial / Français: Infrastructure spatiale / Italiano: Infrastruttura spaziale /

In the aerospace context, infrastructure refers to the facilities, equipment, and systems that support the operation and development of aerospace activities, including research, manufacturing, transportation, and exploration.

Examples of infrastructure in the aerospace context include:

  • Aerospace facilities: These are buildings, hangars, and other structures that are used for research, manufacturing, maintenance, and other aerospace activities. Examples include research laboratories, test facilities, and assembly plants.
  • Ground support equipment: These are tools and equipment that are used to prepare and launch aircraft and spacecraft, such as launch pads, gantries, and cranes.
  • Air traffic control systems: These are systems that are used to manage the movement of aircraft in the airspace, such as radar, communication systems, and navigation aids.
  • Satellite systems: These are systems that are used to support satellite-based navigation, communication, and remote sensing, such as ground stations and data centers.
  • Transportation infrastructure: This includes the runways, taxiways, aprons, and other infrastructure that support the movement of aircraft, as well as the road and rail networks that connect airports and other aerospace facilities to the surrounding areas.

Infrastructure in the aerospace context is critical for the safe, efficient and effective operation of aerospace systems and activities. It also enables aerospace organizations to develop and innovate new technologies, and to explore new frontiers.

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