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Deutsch: Satellit / Español: Satélite / Português: Satélite / Français: Satellite / Italiano: Satellite /

A natural or artificial object orbiting the larger object is named as a satellite.

As Moon is Earth's satellite, while it orbits the Earth. Same Earth is a satellite of Sun. On the other hand, man-made satellites are sent into space to perform some particular functions, for instance, Earth Observation, communication, weather forecasting, navigation, and much more. Sputnik1 was the first satellite launched on 4 October 1957 by the USSR and since then, about 8,900 have been launched. Satellites are semi-independent computer-controlled systems.

Satellites can be distinguished by its weight (maximum weight)

  • Cubesat (max. 1.32 Kg)
  • Small satellite (smallsat) (max. 1,200 Kg)
  • Mini satellite (max. 600 Kg)
  • Micro satellite (max. 200 Kg)
  • Nano satellite (Nanosatellite) (max. 10 Kg)
  • Pico satellite (max. 1 Kg)
  • Femto satellite (max. 100 g)

or by its application

  • observation
  • communication
  • navigation
  • research
  • military

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