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Deutsch: Sensor / Español: Sensor / Português: Sensor / Français: Capteur / Italiano: Sensore /

In aerospace, a sensor is a device that measures or detects a physical property or characteristic of the environment and converts it into a signal that can be read or interpreted by an observer or a measuring instrument.

Sensors are used in a wide range of aerospace applications, including aircraft and spacecraft design, navigation, and control systems.

There are many types of sensors that are used in aerospace, including:

  1. Temperature sensors: These measure the temperature of the environment or components within the aircraft or spacecraft.

  2. Pressure sensors: These measure the pressure of gases or liquids in the environment or within the aircraft or spacecraft.

  3. Humidity sensors: These measure the humidity, or amount of moisture, in the air.

  4. Accelerometers: These measure acceleration, or the rate of change of velocity, of the aircraft or spacecraft.

  5. Gyroscopes: These measure the orientation and rotation of the aircraft or spacecraft.

  6. Altimeters: These measure the altitude, or height above sea level, of the aircraft or spacecraft.

  7. Position sensors: These measure the position and movement of the aircraft or spacecraft.

  8. Optical sensors: These use light to measure various properties, such as distance, velocity, or position.

Sensors play a crucial role in the safe and efficient operation of aerospace systems by providing real-time data about the environment and the performance of the aircraft or spacecraft.

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