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Deutsch: Beratung im Weltraumkontext / Español: Consultoría en el contexto espacial / Português: Consultoria no contexto espacial / Français: Conseil dans le contexte spatial / Italiano: Consulenza nel contesto spaziale /

Consulting refers to the practice of providing expert advice or services to businesses or organizations in the aerospace industry. Aerospace consulting firms typically offer a range of services to their clients, including strategic planning, market analysis, engineering and technical support, and program management.

Aerospace consultants may work with a variety of clients, including aerospace manufacturers, airlines, airports, space agencies, and military organizations. They may also work with government agencies or other organizations that are involved in the aerospace industry in some way.

Aerospace consulting firms may specialize in a particular area of the industry, such as aircraft design, propulsion, avionics, or supply chain management. They may also offer more general consulting services that are applicable to a wide range of aerospace-related issues.

Aerospace consultants may work on a variety of projects, including the development of new aircraft or spacecraft, the optimization of manufacturing processes, the development of marketing and sales strategies, or the analysis of market trends and competitive landscapes. They may also provide expert testimony or other types of technical support in legal or regulatory proceedings related to the aerospace industry.

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