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In the aerospace context, distribution refers to the movement and delivery of goods, components, or services related to aerospace industry such as aircraft, spacecraft, and their parts, equipment, and supplies, as well as the delivery of services such as maintenance and repair.

Examples of distribution in the aerospace context include:

  • Distribution of aircraft parts and components, such as engines, landing gear, avionics, and other systems, to manufacturers and operators of aircraft.

  • Distribution of raw materials and supplies, such as aluminum, titanium, and composites, to manufacturers of aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Distribution of aerospace equipment and tools, such as test equipment, inspection equipment, and ground support equipment, to manufacturers and operators of aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Distribution of services, such as maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, to operators of aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Distribution of goods and services to military and government agencies that operate aircraft and spacecraft.

  • Distribution of goods and services to commercial airlines and private operators.

  • Distribution of goods and services to space agencies and commercial space companies.

Aerospace distribution companies, such as Boeing Distribution Services, Airbus Distribution, Honeywell Aerospace, and GE Aviation, play a critical role in ensuring that the aerospace industry has the necessary parts, components, and services to operate and maintain aircraft and spacecraft.

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