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Deutsch: Genauigkeit / Español: Precisión / Português: Precisão / Français: Précision / Italiano: Precisione /

Accuracy and precision are two measures of observational error. Accuracy is how close a given set of measurements (observations or readings) are to their true value, while precision is how close the measurements are to each other.

In the aerospace context, accuracy refers to the degree of conformity of a measured value to a standard or true value. It can be used to describe the precision of navigation systems, the alignment of an aircraft's flight control surfaces, or the accuracy of a missile's guidance system.

For example, if an aircraft navigation system has a high accuracy, it will be able to determine its position and track its flight path with minimal deviation from the intended course. Similarly, if an aircraft's flight control surfaces are accurately aligned, the aircraft will be able to fly smoothly and maintain a stable attitude. In the missile guidance context, if the guidance system is accurate, it will be able to successfully target and hit the intended location.

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