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Deutsch: Über Meeresspiegel (AMSL) / Español: Sobre el nivel del mar (AMSL) / Português: Acima do nível médio do mar (AMSL) / Français: Au-dessus du niveau de la mer (AMSL) / Italiano: Sopra il livello del mare (AMSL) /

AMSL stands for "Above Mean Sea Level." It is a term used in the aerospace industry to describe the altitude of an aircraft or other object above the average sea level.

For example, a commercial airliner typically cruises at an altitude of around 12.000 meters (35,000 feet) AMSL, and a typical skydiving jump is made from an altitude of around 4.700 meters (14,000 feet) AMSL. Another example is, a weather balloon can reach up to 40 km (120,000 feet) AMSL.

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